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January 19, 2016
  • Character Profile: Jason

    Jase loves his buddies but as an actor and a designer its hard to get the creative juices flowing with all these artistic differences leading to argument after argument! Jason is worried that all this ill-feeling might spell the end for their beloved theatre company. They might even have to pull the show and trot […]

  • Character Profile: Dan

    Sure, its lovely that Charlotte wants to write something different. But Dan cant help but wonder… who genuinely achieves that? Maybe a hand full of people in the world? As far as Dans concerned hes got venues on his back bugging him for promo material, hes got casting to work out, budgets to manage and […]

  • Character profile: Charlotte

    Is there anything more frustrating than a blank page? All Charlotte wants to do is write a play that will keep you guessing, something unexpected, something original, something different. But thats harder than it looks. And with the tour fast approaching and Dan on her back insisting she write what you know! will she be […]