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  • Character profile: Elsie

    Smart, creative and beautiful… But is she to be trusted? Most days Elsie can be found in her uptown gallery surrounded by masterpieces. Or maybe you’ll find her doing some painting of her own… all those years at art college shouldn’t go to waste after all… She claims that she just wants to find her […]

  • Character profile: Charlie

    Charlies a Detective who talks tough, drinks hard and has a hardened look in his eyes- but is that a flicker of sadness you can see just behind them? Ever since Jimmys accident…but wait, you dont need to know about that yet… All Charlie cares about it getting the job done; whatever the job may […]

  • New Website

    Welcome to our website.

    Well, it’s finally here: a brand new website to coincide with our brand new show A View from the Edge! We’re really excited about it and we hope you will be too.

    Now peruse, peruse, we implore you! And don’t forget to keep checking back regularly as we’re still in the process of […]